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Who Else Wants To Experience Leonie’s Gentle and Amazing Guided Meditation?

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The Spiritual Healing Centre offers a ‘Guided Meditation’ delivered personally by our very own Spiritual Healer – Leonie McNamara.

Whether you’ve attended other meditation classes or not, prepared yourself for the ‘ultimate’ experience as Leonie takes you on a personal and nurturing journey of self-discovery.  Leonie’s guided meditations are designed to achieve specific outcomes and therefore each one is different.

These amazing healing and nurturing meditations leads you through a mind calming experience that re-enforce a positive mind-set facilitating a strong belief that you CAN achieve your goals and that anything is possible…all in a safe and loving environment.

Your meditation experience teaches you how to tap into your own natural psychic abilities and initiate self healing. It then gently leads into a powerful and effective guided meditation helping you to ignite and connect with an amazing energy of light and ‘Unconditional Love’.

Your Meditation Healing Energy Gently Nurtures

This healing energy allows you to gently nurture your own psychic gifts and self healing bringing you closer to realising your full potential and supporting you in uncovering your own answers and achieving your dreams.  Your individual experience will always be different to that of others AND that’s perfectly normal.

Face-to-face classes are held each Monday and Tuesday evening in serene, peaceful surroundings at 65 Scenic Drive BILAMBIL HEIGHTS, where you’re able to relax in comfort and feel completely safe in the presence of ‘like-minded’ and beautiful people.

Your meditation experience investment is $15 and bookings are essential.  Contact Leonie on 0426 811 212  or  CLICK HERE to send Leonie an email.

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