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Gold Coast Spiritual Healer

Discover The Gold Coast Spiritual HealerSpiritual Healer

Leonie McNamara is the Gold Coast Spiritual Healer who was born to help people with life’s challenges… AND let’s face it, life certainly dishes up its fair share of challenges.

As the Gold Coast Spiritual Healer, Leonie works with people of all ages to help them break down ‘barriers from the past’. We all have barriers that limit the effectiveness and achievement of our goals – which ultimately affects our lives.

Leonie firmly believes that we are who we are as a direct result of the way we think and by what we say – these things are habit forming AND just as we form bad habits, we are also able to form good, positive habits. Despite what many people say, we can change the way we think and Leonie has many success stories to prove it!

Leonie’s strategies are not just ‘things’ she has made up or read in a book.¬† Leonie’s strategies have been proven over many years – strategies that empower people to find the direction and inner peace necessary to create meaningful futures. In fact Leonie has been practicing for well over 15 years.

When you spend time with this amazing Gold Coast Spiritual Healer, you quickly realise that it’s possible to change your life and achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Leonie is a Reiki Master, Master Results Coach, Master Practitioner and Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Master Hypnosis Practitioner, Performance Consultant and an amazing Practitioner of Guided Meditation.

Leonie inspires people to create healthy lifestyles through relaxation and meditation AND to re-connect with themselves and develop a positive mindset…a mindset that believes that anything is possible.

Here’s How One-On-One Sessions Work -

  • Sessions are 45 minutes
  • Sessions can be conducted Face-To-Face OR via Skype
  • All discussions are totally CONFIDENTIAL
  • Pricing is:
    • $97 Face-To-Face
    • $80 Skype
  • Cancellations:
    • Rescheduling is allowed with 48 hours notice, (depending on appointment availability)
    • Cancellation of appointments within 48 hours from appointment time will not be refunded

If you’re serious about changing your life forever, contact our very own Gold Coast Spiritual Healer now by phone: 0426 811 212 OR CLICK HERE to send Leonie a message.