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Energy Profiling

Energy Profiling To Create Your Future

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Leonie’s energy profiling clearly demonstrate her innate ability to read your energy and it is a special gift she has shared with 100’s of beautiful and amazing people. 

Leonie’s energy profiling is like no other you will have experienced – her readings never attempt to ‘predict’ future events, rather she helps you ‘create’ your future.

If you are feeling confused, lost or anxious, Leonie’s warm and genuine nature will instantaneously put you at ease, enabling you to feel relaxed and confident.  She will help to shine a light on the reasons behind your feelings, explain blockages within your energy field and bring clarity to your life.

Energy Profiling taps into Leonie’s rare and amazing insightfulness, including Clairvoyance (Clear Vision), Clairsentience (Clear Feeling), and Clairaudience (Clear Hearing).  Leonie is able to share detailed information with you. 

All readings are different and may include details in relation to your relationships, chakras, past lives, angels, guides and loved one’s who have passed over.

Energy Profiling Clarifies Experiences…

There are times when certain life stages and experiences which are affecting your life, are highlighted to enable you to gain clarity and understanding of the purpose of these experiences.

Leonie’s connection with the angels, means the energy and messages she channels always come from love and are shared in a gentle, loving and compassionate manner.

There is no reason to feel uneasy or uncomfortable before, during or after Leonie’s energy profiling, as the angels only share messages that you need, wish and are ready to hear.

“In a very short time, Leonie earnt my trust and confidence through her open and honest advice, support and encouragement. When I discussed problems or challenges with Leonie, she did not provide me with answers; instead she gave me strength and confidence to find my own answers, my own direction and empowered me to be strong within myself – because that was what I wanted and needed. I believe Leonie is a soul star; put on this earth to guide those of us who feel lost or are wavering on the edges. She guides us back to source, back to our true path, our true selves – if we are open & willing to take this direction. Thank you Leonie for finding & guiding me.”
Aroha Bentson – New Zealand

Leonie’s unique energy profiling is profoundly accurate, deeply healing and uplifting!

Here’s How One-On-One Sessions Work -

  • Sessions are 45 minutes
  • Sessions can be conducted Face-To-Face OR via Skype
  • All discussions are totally CONFIDENTIAL
  • Pricing is:
    • $97 Face-To-Face
    • $80 via Skype
  • Cancellations:
    • Rescheduling is allowed with 48 hours notice, (depending on appointment availability)
    • Cancellation of appointments within 48 hours from appointment time will not be refunded

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